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Create a Concert Experience Your Guests Will Never Forget

By Bree Pagliuso|

Concerts are memory makers. It's not just about the music; it's about the entire experience. Have you ever considered the little touches that can turn your event into a 5-star experience? Think about a stress-free arrival, delicious pre-show food and drinks, and making sure the venue is accessible to all.


Here is our checklist for creating an experience your guests will never forget at your next concert.

Embrace the latest technology

Technology plays a role at every stage, from buying a ticket to setting the stage for your performers to how attendees enter and engage with the concert. By blending art and technology, your concert will become better for all, creating lasting memories for both your performers and attendees. Think...

  • Advanced sound systems make the music crystal clear for both performers and the audience. 

  • Visuals and dynamic lights that sync with music.

  • Live streaming and social media to connect attendees.

  • Augmented and virtual reality to create immersive experiences. 

"When it comes to tech, we believe in using the latest, most exciting equipment. Our spaces act as a blank canvas for your creativity and come with pre-installed technology such as projectors, lighting and a state-of-the-art audio console DiGiCo SD10-24." – MCEC Manager of Technology Planning, Scott Sandilands

Make your event accessible

When every concert attendee feels welcomed and valued, your event becomes a place where music and community unite, breaking down barriers and creates a shared sense of belonging: Prioritise accessible entrances, seating, and facilities tailored to those with mobility challenges. 

Looking back on Bluesfest 2023, Scott emphasised the importance of being an accessible venue . "We learned that creating an inclusive environment is key to attracting diverse audiences and making sure everyone has a memorable experience. Our venue has accessible entrances with ramps and lifts for those with limited mobility, and our team can design the space, so your seating areas accommodate people with disability, providing comfort and a clear view of the stage."

Build an experience they never forget 

The way you arrange the space can really enhance the overall experience. A carefully designed layout gives everyone a clear view of the stage and visuals. Include creative elements like interactive displays and unique lighting. Whether cozy or grand, it sets the mood for the entire event and helps people connect with the music.

Focus on sound 

Few things are as crucial as investing in great sound. Clear and well-balanced audio guarantees that every element, from the music to the vocals, is heard accurately. A great sound experience connects deeply with your audience and leaves an indelible mark. 

As for MCEC, "we offer the best and latest toys in the industry" shared Scott. With top-line projectors in every room and microphone stock featuring the latest, greatest and wireless options. Our team’s expertise sets us apart, and our commitment to high-end tour and concert production makes us the ideal tech producer for your event."

Don't forget about sustainability

Go green by cutting waste, offering reusable choices, and checking your event's eco-footprint. Your audience will love it, and it's a big step toward a more sustainable future. By doing these things, you're making a concert experience that your guests and community will respect. 


When you plan your next concert or live entertainment at MCEC, our team can help you create an immersive, engaging, and inclusive experience.

Are you looking to incorporate sustainability into your event? Explore our Sustainable Events Guide .