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Sustainable Event Magic: How We're Making Waste Vanish

By Kyran Douglass|

Sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it's a way of life. In an industry where environmental impact can be overlooked, at MCEC we’re obsessed with producing green, sustainable events.

Here's how:

A green oasis in the heart of the city

Imagine an abandoned car park transformed into an urban farm. That's precisely what we're doing with the Melbourne Skyfarm .  

This innovative initiative breathes life into our beloved Melbourne, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability beyond its walls. 

Eliminating single-use plastics by 2025

This isn't just talk; we've already taken action by trialling a zero-waste café and introducing reusable stainless steel coffee cups at catered events. It's not about managing plastic waste; it's about preventing it from entering the ecosystem in the first place. 

Neiyo Photography
From food waste to green energy

Unfortunately, food waste is an unavoidable reality in the events industry, but at MCEC, we have found innovative solutions. We recover our kitchen food waste and feed it into an onsite organic's dehydrator. The result? Highly nutrient soil goes to an offsite facility, the Yarra Valley waste-to-energy facility . Here, food waste is transformed into energy, powering homes and reducing landfill waste.

Feeding communities, not landfills

We know that not all food waste is created equal. For food that's still recoverable, we've partnered with OzHarvest. Instead of heading to landfills, this surplus of food finds its way to communities in need. It's a win-win, reducing waste and helping those less fortunate.

Sustainability: It's in our DNA

Sustainability isn't just a policy here; it's part of our culture. From top to bottom, everyone understands that sustainability isn't optional; it's a must. It's part of our DNA, ingrained in our daily operations, and shines through in every event we host.

Our latest changes and what's coming

From 1 October 2023, we removed notepads and pens in theatre-style setups. Instead of biodegradable plastic cups, we are providing either glassware or recyclable paper cups at water stations. And by 1 January 2024, notepads and pens will no longer be offered at events.


When you choose MCEC for your event, you're not just selecting a venue; you're partnering with a pioneer in sustainable event planning . Your event becomes a part of a broader movement, one that's committed to reducing the industry's environmental footprint.

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