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Front entrance to Off tropic space, With signage and two people sitting enjoying their wine on white chairs.

Why Off Tropic is the Perfect Addition to Your Next Conference

By Bree Pagliuso|

Over the past few years, we've noticed a big change in how people want to do events. The pandemic made it clear that we need to be adaptable and creative. Now, delegates are looking for something different from the usual conference format. They want unforgettable and immersive events where they can learn and connect with others. It's all about thinking outside the box and offering unique experiences that go beyond the norm.

This is where Off Tropic comes in as a new and exciting solution that aligns with the evolving appetites of delegates. By providing a relaxed space to connect, exchange ideas, and form valuable relationships, Off Tropic taps into the need for intimate networking opportunities in a post-COVID world.

Off Tropic is a clever play on "getting off topic" while highlighting the importance of taking a break, unwinding, and having fun. It's a tropical oasis filled with lush greenery and comfy seating; the best part is instead of wasting time searching for an amazing spot elsewhere, you can simply stay put and revel in the vibrant atmosphere and delicious beverages that Off Tropic offers right in-house.

Our latest pop-up space is the perfect setting for delegates to relax, mingle, and network in a casual atmosphere. With a capacity of up to 300 people and flexible packages, you can personalise every aspect, from technology and entertainment choices to food and beverages, to match the vibe you want.

So, why is Off Tropic the perfect addition to your next conference at MCEC?

People chatting in the Off Tropic space
Go Beyond Formal Sessions and Lectures

People want more than just formal sessions and lectures; your delegates are craving more intimate networking opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and form valuable relationships. Off Tropic understands this need and provides an innovative and exciting way to explore new opportunities. Breaking away from the structured setting of formal sessions, your delegates can engage in conversations that delve deeper into their professional experiences and innovative ideas in a small group; they can readily interact with speakers, ask questions, and contribute to discussions in smaller settings. This level of engagement can enhance their overall experience and make them feel more valued and involved, leading to a more satisfying conference experience.

Off Tropic space, showcasing canapes and tropical cocktail.
Offer Convenience and Value in the Era of Remote Work

In the era of remote work, people are constantly seeking events that deliver convenience and value. As people juggle work responsibilities from the comfort of their homes, attending an event becomes more appealing when it offers them something beyond the traditional conference experience - this is where Off Tropic steps in. After a long day of engaging conference sessions, delegates often crave an opportunity to unwind and catch up in a more intimate setting.

What sets Off Tropic apart is its accessibility; with virtual meetings and online events having become the norm, attending an after-party may seem like an added hassle for remote workers - Off Tropic eliminates any barriers to attendance by providing a convenient and easily accessible space within MCEC, your delegates can seamlessly transition from the conference to the after-party without the need for additional travel or complicated logistics. This level of convenience guarantees that attending the Off Tropic after-party is worth their while.

Off Tropic space. Image shows furnishings, including tables, stools, umbrella, greenery, bar and view from the space.
Not Just an Event Space, but an Unforgettable Experience

Hooray! Your MCEC conference is already on track to be a success, but how can you take it to the next level and create an unforgettable experience for your delegates? The answer is simple—choose Off Tropic and elevate your conference to new heights with a unique post-conference event.

Off Tropic can be tailored to your specific requests with flexible packages, a mouth-watering menu, exciting food stations, and a curated beverage selection that aligns with the theme.

Leave the planning in the capable hands of our MCEC team, who will assist at every step. By choosing Off Tropic, you'll give your delegates an unparalleled experience they will remember long after the conference ends.

Off Tropic isn't just a space— This is where your guests can really get off topic in a fun and playful environment for better-than-ever networking, Chat to your MCEC Event Planner to add-on Off Tropic to your upcoming conference or view our detailed brochure here [1.53mb] .