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A sizeable crowd gathered in a spacious room, with some individuals standing at bar tables and others forming lively groups. The walls of the room are adorned with captivating digital screens displaying elements of an AFL game, immersing the attendees in the sporting atmosphere. In the corner of the room, a band sits on a small stage, passionately playing musical instruments.

How to Plan an Exclusive Takeover Event at THE LUME Melbourne

By Deni Kirkova|

Find out how to host your next event at THE LUME Melbourne. From projections through to layout options, immerse your guests in an unforgettable experience.

An exclusive event at THE LUME Melbourne provides you with private access to the venue. It’s a surefire way to bring the wow factor to your next gala dinner or cocktail party.

The stunning space is perfect for a corporate celebration or product launch. It's yours to fully customise, so you can showcase your brand like never before. Take advantage of state-of-the-art technology and create a bespoke themed experience.

As one of the most unique event venues in the southern hemisphere, planning an event here is no ordinary affair. Sit tight for the rundown.

A large crowd assembled in a room enveloped by expansive digital screens forming the walls. The screens showcase captivating visuals of swimmers in a swimming pool.
Expert Top Tips on THE LUME Melbourne

Jade Carter, Senior Manager - Commercial Partnerships says: "THE LUME Melbourne is a wonderful space that can come totally pre-themed. The venue is ever-evolving, with an exciting calendar of fully immersive themed experiences. Monet & Friends is now showing.

"This option makes planning easy, with big impact. It's great for event organisers who want to take this major task off their to-do list of things they need to organise."

Jade, who is an expert on THE LUME Melbourne, adds: "I would advise event organisers to think big! The entire space can be customised by Grande Experiences, which is the parent company of THE LUME Melbourne. You can project your custom branded content across 2,400 square metres of event space, 11 metres high - that's four storeys."

Does each touchpoint match your vision? Jade says: "Think about the full experience: sights, sounds, scents and taste. Right now, with Monet & Friends, the look, feel, sound, scent and taste are distinctly Parisian. The customised menus our chefs have created elevate the experience of French Impressionism to really take the attendee on an immersive journey."

Last but not least, Jade's top tip is 'timing is everything'. She says: "Don’t forget to allow time for your guests to get immersed in the experience before formalities. During formalities, choose from one of six digital wallpapers."

A large gathering of individuals congregated within a room adorned with expansive screens. The screens showcase vibrant yellow floral artwork, creating an immersive and visually captivating environment.
A large crowd assembled in a spacious room enveloped by expansive digital screens. The screens depict a mesmerising underwater scene with shades of purple, immersing the audience in a captivating aquatic atmosphere.
What You Need to Consider for Custom Events

THE LUME Melbourne offers a truly unique branding experience. It's the perfect space to immerse an audience in your content through custom projections.

The gallery weaves powerful imagery from 140 state-of-the-art projectors across every surface. The team can work with you on creating a bespoke solution for a powerful product launch or brand experience. It's a deeply moving way to tell your story through an audio-visual adventure.

You can stick with the already amazing Monet & Friends experience or beam your own brand across every available surface. We have several options available to incorporate your branding into your event space.

How Will You Arrange the Space?

Your Event Planner will work with you to design your dream event at THE LUME Melbourne. A gala dinner accommodates 860 people while for a cocktail event, you can invite up to 1,200 guests.

You can display your content on slide decks, logo loops and videos on four floating overhead screens and gallery walls. And you can immerse guests in your brand entirely or offer them a layered experience complemented by a dazzling atmospheric digital wallpaper.

Grande Experiences supply you with immersive, ready-made designs. Think twinkling lights in the city sky, vibrant colours of the coral reef or deep space. There is also a jungle theme, sophisticated Art Deco and more.

Unlike traditional events, if you'd rather not book additional styling and entertainment, you don't have to. They're not required because in THE LUME Melbourne, your event becomes one with the art.

A group of individuals scattered around a spacious room adorned with an array of digital screens, including a central pillar of screens. The walls and screens showcase captivating artwork featuring Monet's renowned masterpiece, 'Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies'. The immersive display transports viewers into the serene world of Monet's iconic creation.
Amazing Pre-Themed Experience Option

A hassle-free option for simple planning is to go with the enchanting feature experience, currently Monet & Friends, above. In its current iteration, THE LUME Melbourne will evoke French Impressionism through every touchpoint as an enchanting 45-minute experience brings the most famous artworks of the era to life.

Meanwhile, guests can sample an exquisite themed French menu curated by our award-winning chefs. Sophisticated dishes are perfectly paired with fine French wines, craft beers and cocktails. They will be transported into a multi-sensory world of Impressionist art - music and aroma included.

Whichever option you go for, your guests will be treated to a truly unforgettable experience. THE LUME Melbourne is a place where vibrant visuals and culinary creations collide.

Be part of something extraordinary and plan the most unique event you’ve ever held. Reach out to the team and discover the difference.

A large group of people seated at long rectangular tables within a spacious room enveloped by surrounding digital screens. The screens display a captivating artwork featuring a serene blue background adorned with elegant white flowers, creating an immersive ambience.
This is how we arranged a gala dinner with the previous theme, Van Gogh. Currently, we can plan gala dinners with the Monet & Friends theme to similar effect.