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A large gold building featuring digital signage on the entrance wall, showcasing vibrant displays. A prominent logo is positioned on a protruding block, proudly displaying the words "Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre."

Outdoor and In-Venue Signage: The Amazing Way to Promote Your Event

By Deni Kirkova|

Want to maximise attendance at your next event? Look no further than Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC), where opportunities are endless.

Hosting your event in our venue comes with many perks, including great signage options. 

On event days, we’ll display your artwork at the main entrances as standard from 6am to midnight, bump in and bump out excluded. We’ll set up digital signage for you throughout the venue for wayfinding and we’ll activate your door card sign.

A spacious building with a prominent glass pane in front adorned with display stickers showcasing the names "Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre" and "THE LUME Melbourne Van Gogh." Several cars are parked in front of the building, while the sky above shines in a clear, vibrant blue.

But that’s not all – this offer is part of a package of pre-event marketing opportunities. We can also promote your event on our social media, website, e-newsletter and more.

Our platforms help you connect with more people than you thought possible. You can access more than three million primed potential attendees across all touchpoints.

Check out some info on event signage on offer below. Plus, we've included great examples from some amazing events and top tips to make your event signage shine.

A building featuring a sizeable glass pane in the front, adorned with display stickers showcasing the text "Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre." Adjacent to the existing stickers, an elevator scissor lift can be seen applying a new sticker next to the previous one.
Make a Massive Impact Before Your Event

Want to build your brand, stir up hype and boost ticket sales in the lead up to your event? Get your artwork splashed across creative and high traffic touchpoints throughout the venue.

Check out our extra-large and high-impact external print and digital signage opportunities to elevate promotion.

For example, the outdoor Clarendon Street glass façade makes a show stopping impression. It's in a prime spot outside Melbourne Exhibition Centre next to our iconic blade, capturing vehicle, pedestrian and public transport traffic.

Meanwhile, the Exhibition Centre Car Park entry banner provides great exposure to car park users. Plus, you'll be seen by road and public transport users on Normanby Road.

And we have an amazing new opportunity on Montague Street as you enter the South Wharf precinct. This prominent digital sign is on display for over 53,000 motorists each day. Yes, that many!

A concrete parking lot entrance marked by a prominent green sign overhead. The sign bears the humorous phrase "Nothing like 5,000 strangers to make you feel at home," accompanied by the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre logo in the bottom left corner.
Striking Print and Digital Event Signage

We have so many signage opportunities available outside and within the venue. Get your artwork featured on an array of digital screens venue wide for two to four weeks at a time. With more than two million visitors each year, these are a great way to promote your event.

You can capture people as come through the door for up to 126 hours per week via street-facing LED screens. They're set up at our Clarendon Street and Convention Centre Place entrances and display the same content.

Venturing inside, you'll find 80-inch LED screens in high-traffic areas like foyers and customer service. They're also positioned along the concourse running the length of the venue.

There are 56 door cards located around MCEC, including 16 outside Plenary. Each one features a 32-inch screen to display your logo and session title.

A sizeable grey building exterior featuring a captivating digital sign in the foreground. The sign displays the vibrant message "Home of unconventional events" alongside imagery of disco balls and ice cream cones. The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre logo is positioned in the bottom left corner of the sign. Cars can be seen driving past the building.
Top Tips for Great Sign Design:
  • Include your event name, dates, and a URL to book tickets as applicable.

  • Avoid excessive text and ensure the design is easy to digest by passers-by.

  • Maximise the space, use event branding, artwork/logo and colours to distinguish the event.

  • Avoid white backgrounds on digital signs as they look very bright and harsh to look at.

  • Video and fast-moving animations are not allowed on main entrance signs due to VicRoads safety restrictions.

  • Digital wayfinding signage has a 40-50-character limit.

You can go as big and bold as you like with limitless event promotion opportunities at MCEC. If you’re interested in digital signage or other pre-event promotion opportunities, please talk to your Event Planner.

Ready to connect your industry and make an impact? Reach out to the team and start planning.

A spacious foyer with multiple room entrances. The carpet displays a combination of yellow and grey tones, while eye-catching bright red and pink signage adorns the surroundings.