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MCEC Event Experts: Amir Asady, Event Delivery Manager

By Deni Kirkova|

An Event Delivery Manager is crucial to event success, and Amir Asady is made for the role. In a recent instalment of our Event Expert docuseries, Amir reveals what it takes to seamlessly run any event. 

Events at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) take a lot of work. Several different teams work together to bring concepts to life, and clear communication between the event organiser and each delivery team is essential.  

This is where Event Delivery Managers come in. They need to expertly work under pressure relaying messages, interpreting requests and overseeing many moving parts.

In the first instance, event organisers work with their MCEC Event Planner to plan their event. Then, the Event Delivery Manager and their team take over to ensure a smooth delivery. So, on event day, the Event Delivery Manager is the main point of contact for the organiser.

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It's no small feat, but Amir thrives on the high stakes and fast paced nature of the industry. He says: “I love working in a large space that's got a lot of versatility and flexibility with what we do inside it. It can be a blank canvas for our customers to just go absolutely wild.

No two days at MCEC are the same. Amir says: “I could be delivering an event on a smaller scale such as a conference or meeting one day. Then, an event for 10,000 people: a sit-down gala, exhibition, conference or concert.”

The key responsibility of an Event Delivery Manager is to understand an event organiser's needs and expectations, then share that with the team. “They need to be across the event from a holistic perspective,” says Amir.

Some event organisers know MCEC well, while others aren’t too familiar with the space. An Event Delivery Manager needs to be understanding, empathetic and to think outside the box to help them visualise the potential. “You need to be agile in your approach, problem solve and negotiate. These are some of the key traits required for the role,” says Amir.

A man wearing a shirt and blazer communicates through a walkie-talkie in a spacious event venue, surrounded by a crowd of people.

The event delivery team typically comprises of an Event Delivery Manager, Catering, Technology Services, Operations Manager, and Customer Service.

Amir says: “We get together and we talk about the event from start to finish. We anticipate and talk about any challenges that we may encounter, then brainstorm some ideas. If there are some sticky points, we'll hash that out. We talk about it all in that open forum.

“Our subject matter experts are experts at what they do so I let them carry out their tasks and duties. It's more of a coordination of activities and ensuring I effectively communicate any key messaging from the customer or changes that are required on the day to the teams.

“You can't deliver an event by yourself. It's a team effort, so it’s super important to be able to make relationships and have rapport with your team and the people that you work with. Then you want to bring that energy to the customer and to the event. That's where the magic happens.

“I do enjoy problem solving; it's something I get a thrill out of. But it’s critical that an Event Delivery Manager remains calm, because then the customer remains calm. It's a flow on effect and that also flows on to the rest of the team.

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Remaining calm in a high-stakes environment is something Amir has perfected since before his time at MCEC. Before events, Amir was into aviation - a thrilling passion he pursued at university level.

Amir says: “The feeling that I get from flying planes and running events is excitement and thrill. At the end, when you're able to shake an event organiser’s hand or share a glass of champagne and say, ‘Congratulations on a very successful event’ - to see that smile on their face - that's rewarding and that's similar. I get that same satisfaction.

“A lot of planning goes into these events – often years – so the stakes are high and there's a lot of anticipation for the event to go well. That's what gets me out of bed.”

Since filming, Amir has taken his next career step at MCEC and taken up the role of Operations Manager. It's a dynamic position where he continues to strive for operational excellence.

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