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Infuse Wellbeing into Your Meeting at MCEC

By Bree Pagliuso|

We know the drill—meetings, meetings, and more meetings. But here's the thing: why settle for an ordinary gathering when you can transform your next meeting into a productive and refreshing powerhouse for your guests?

MCEC is your secret weapon for infusing a holistic approach into your next meeting. When your guests feel cared for, communicated with, informed, and that they are contributing, they’re going to come away having had a great experience.

Here is how we can help you bring some wellbeing into your next meeting at MCEC.

Create a Mindful Environment:

At MCEC, we understand that the meeting environment plays a crucial role in enhancing wellbeing. Say goodbye to the drab meeting rooms of yesteryears. Our spaces are designed to maximise natural light and provide a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Imagine movement-friendly setups that allow for flexibility and encourage active engagement. Think of collaboration-encouraging layouts that help guests to foster interaction and creativity. You can also incorporate elements of nature to create a soothing ambience that helps keep stress levels at bay. Our environment sets the stage for a refreshing and energising meeting experience, from windowed rooms with lush greenery to calming colour schemes, work with your event planner to create a layout that best suits your guests and their wellbeing.

Mindful Eating and Hydration:

We take wellness to heart, even when it comes to food. No more sandwich trays and watered-down coffee! We know that food is fuel; we've got your back with mouth-watering menus to match the expectations of your guests. Bid farewell to the sluggish post-lunch crash and say hello to wholesome snacks, fresh fruits, and hydration stations that'll keep your guests fuelled and hydrated throughout the day.

Plus, our menus reflect the vibrant food scene of Melbourne, we're all about keeping things fresh and exciting with our seasonal creations, and our team take immense pride in the quality and presentation of every dish. Our unwavering dedication to providing nourishing meals shines through our diverse and tantalising menu options. Fuel the productivity of your guests and dive into a burst of flavours with our vibrant salads packed with fresh ingredients, savour the wholesomeness of our wraps and sandwiches, or treat yourself to a comforting bowl of soup.

Foster Connection and Collaboration:

Meetings are all about coming together as a team, right? Say goodbye to the one-sided monologues and embrace the power of teamwork. With our many collaborative spaces and top-notch technology, we have the perfect setup to foster connection, spark creativity, and unleash the full potential of your team. It's time to break free from the mundane and create an environment where everyone feels valued and motivated. Add on an immersive experience at THE LUME Melbourne for your team to help foster connection and collaboration in a creatively charged space, where interactive displays, virtual reality simulations, and cutting-edge technologies can help amplify engagement and unleash a new level of innovation.

Engage in Impact Activities:

Thread volunteerism and community engagement in your meeting through our Impact activities. Connect with our partners, reduce your environmental footprint, and explore new opportunities to make a positive impact. Discover how we can amplify your event with unique experiences celebrating cultural diversity, sustainability, and inclusion. From exploring First Nations culture to participating in "Cooking for a Cause" with OzHarvest, we offer options that leave a lasting impact on your delegates. Don't overlook the incredible benefits of incorporating an impact activity into your meeting, it's a chance to make a significant impact on their wellbeing and the overall success of your event.

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Take a Break and Utilise Our Space:

Yes, you've booked a meeting room , but why not integrate movement into your breaks and take advantage of the space we have? Surrounded by the stunning beauty of the Yarra River and the lush greenery of the South Wharf precinct, our venue offers a unique backdrop to elevate your meeting experience. Inside, you'll find thoughtfully designed spaces that inspire creativity and collaboration.

Step outdoors and discover tranquil seating areas where you can relax and rejuvenate during breaks. Schedule short bursts of activity to boost energy levels and keep your guest's laser focused. Whether basking in the sunlight or enjoying the riverside breeze, our outdoor spaces provide a refreshing escape from traditional meeting rooms. Infusing movement into meetings will help to encourage productivity and wellbeing.

Plan your next event with our dedicated team. To get started explore our meeting spaces and offerings .

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