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Walking the Sustainable Talk with BBC Earth Experience

By Bree Pagliuso|

We don't just talk, we walk the walk. Together with the BBC Earth Experience, we're on a mission to spotlight sustainability and environmental responsibility.

If you haven't explored the BBC Earth Experience's captivating world, get ready to be stunned by breath-taking visuals and cutting-edge technology. Narrated by David Attenborough, the BBC Earth Experience takes you on an immersive journey through the wonders of the natural world, covering all seven continents' diverse landscapes.

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The perfect partnership

It's about impact, not just awards.

We are proudly the world's first convention centre to get a six-star green star environmental rating from the Green Building Council Australia. We're constantly working on amping up sustainable practices, all while keeping our environmental impact in check and maximising efficiency in our venue. As the venue for the BBC Earth Experience, we're all about pushing innovation's limits and ensuring environmental resource management and sustainability are part of every aspect of your BBC Earth Experience.

Let's dive into some of our commitments with the BBC Earth Experience.

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Reusing waste

Given the number of visitors who will pass through the experience, it's important to actively work to reduce waste and promote responsible consumption and production. Food waste is no exception; recovered on-site using an organics dehydrator this is a critical step towards our goal of zero food waste in landfills. Plus, all visitors can help by using the provided bins for their waste.

Goodbye disposables 

Say goodbye to disposables and hello to edible coffee cups. Your coffee comes served in a Good Edi cup that you can enjoy munching on after finishing your drink.  

One of the most exciting leaps towards sustainability is eliminating disposable items. Instead of adding to the ever-growing problem of single-use plastics, the BBC Earth Experience is embracing innovation with open arms!

Good Edi, a Melbourne start-up, presented their concept at a Startup Network Pitch Night at MCEC earlier this year. Their edible cup was innovative and aligned with our venue's commitment to sustainability and community-driven innovation, making it the perfect choice for our partnership with BBC Earth.

Energy saving matters 

We're on an ambitious journey towards net zero emissions, aligning with the Science-Based Targets initiative. In 2021, we achieved a remarkable feat, with renewable energy accounting for 20% of MCEC's total electricity consumption. Looking ahead, we aim to achieve 100% renewable electricity by 2028, a substantial step towards a greener future.  

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Water conservation 

Our venue has a water management plan which includes reducing overall consumption and harvesting rainwater for reuse. We've collected over 4,000 kilolitres of rainwater, treating it for use in bathrooms, including those in the BBC Earth Experience. We also have water-efficient toilets and sensor taps to minimise water use. You'll find water fountains around the venue to refill your bottles and help us conserve water.

Less printing please!

To reduce our impact , save resources and reflect our commitment to sustainability we have designed the event signage in the BBC Earth Experience for easy reuse, reducing the need for printed signs. Our projectors and LED screens also integrate cutting-edge technology, operating efficiently with lower power consumption.

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Above and beyond 

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the experience. 

  1. All the furniture within BBC Earth Experience is sustainably sourced, and when it reaches the end of its life, it will be repurposed. 

  2. After your adventure, enjoy eco-friendly snacks, animal-themed cupcakes, and sustainable coffee at our Habitat Cafe. No single-use plastics or packaging—everything is locally sourced and carbon neutral.

  3. Some menu items even feature insect protein, the fastest-growing alternative. 

  4. The gift shop offers ethically and sustainably chosen items, promoting responsible consumerism. 

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How we talk matters 

We believe actions speak louder than words, but how we talk matters too.

Working closely with BBC Earth, we're spreading the message of sustainability and environmental responsibility far and wide. Our commitment is communicated through our social media, signage, and customer communications because involving all stakeholders strengthens the impact of our conservation efforts. 

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