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The future of event tech

Tech, Tech…Boom!

We take a look at the future of event tech and what we can learn from the developments – and demands – that are shaping it.

While the Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) may all sound like working themes for the next Christopher Nolan blockbuster, the truth is these once futuristic concepts will soon become essential tools for producers looking to create meaningful and engaging event experiences.

Although still very much a work in progress, the Metaverse is already impacting the events landscape, as meetings become less about chronology and speakers and more about exploration and interaction. Once fully realised, the Metaverse has the ability to take these experiences to a whole new level, allowing audiences to move freely within the virtual event space and participate in two-way interaction with other audience members. The augmented and virtual reality industry is expected to grow by 25% over the next two years, with AR tipped to experience the steepest growth. AI can now be utilised in event tech as real machine learning rather than just sophisticated algorithms, with many experts tipping this as a game-changer.

So what does this event tech revolution mean for producers planning events right now, and how can we use it to our advantage? The good news is that while few businesses currently have access to these next-level technological advancements in any kind of meaningful application, there’s plenty we can learn from the demands driving their development. With screen fatigue becoming a common ailment of the digital events landscape, today’s event customers require increasingly curated, personalised experiences and on-demand content accessible to them when, where and how they want it.

In the months (and years) ahead, new technology will become a crucial tool in assisting event planners to meet the needs of their clients, overcoming the increasing challenge of screen fatigue and creating meaningful online engagement. It’s essential, therefore, to choose a venue that can offer a full-service digital event platform and the tech support to use it effectively. If you’re not yet au fait with everything a good digital platform can offer (and let’s be honest, who is?), partner with a venue with a dedicated digital events team and in-house expertise that can ensure you’re maximising engagement, interaction and customised content opportunities at every step. Look for high-quality production values with in-house specialists in audio, vision, lighting, digital events and multimedia. And if you’re planning on going hybrid, make sure your IRL attendees are as well catered to as your URL participants

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