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A vibrant orange platter showcasing four dishes: three red bowls, each filled with a unique culinary creation - steamed rice, flavourful curry, refreshing salad, and an orange bowl with a delectable tart. The image is complemented by a set of matching red cutlery.

New Menus for 2023: Inclusive, Sustainable and Diverse

By Deni Kirkova|

The new menus at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) are here. Our offering for 2023 is bold, and there's something delicious for everyone.

Our 2023 menus came from a simple idea: What if we created great tasting menu items that meet dietary needs but are so good that anyone would love them? This is where the magic happens,” said Executive Sous Chef Karl Edmonds, who realised his dream.

Our new Breakfast, Conference, Gala, Cocktail, Exhibitor and Crew Catering menus are outstanding. They’re informed by food trends and consumer demand, but we’re pushing boundaries.

An appetising assortment of fruits and nuts arranged on platter on top of a stylish marble board on a table, surrounded by three red plates with fruit on them, with three hands reaching out to grab a variety of delectable items, including a refreshing drink.
A New Vision for Food at MCEC

Plant-based dishes are stars rather than sideliners. Moreish gluten-free options offer crunch and flavour. A perfect balance of health and indulgence. And the thing about a vegan food is that, it works for (almost) everyone. People of various faiths, intolerances and preferences can eat plant based, which makes it inclusive.

We use native ingredients as highlights throughout, showcasing Australia on the world stage. The marriage of these two key themes makes our menu offering naturally sustainable. Plant foods carry a smaller carbon footprint than animal-sourced ingredients. And when we use Victorian ingredients, the food doesn't travel far, keeping emissions low.

Karl said: "We want to celebrate native Australian ingredients. So, we've worked with suppliers to find the best produce that is available year round."

Australiana is weaved through our entire offering. The nutty, roasted and sweet spice of wattleseed elevates many of our best dishes. You'll find it sprinkled on our signature chocolate-coated banana and walnut bread. Check out our Menus for more.

A beautifully crafted cup of coffee with intricate latte art, accompanied by a red plate showcasing a delectable cookie with a bite missing.
Conference Menu Revolution

Hosting a conference that caters for all dietary requirements and allergens has never been easier. From now on, you won't need to make a separate order for them.

Karl says: “MCEC's new menus for 2023 are designed to accommodate all. There are plenty of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options so everyone can refuel and recharge.”

For example, all cookie breaks are now split 50/50 with delicious wholefood bites. These are vegan and gluten-free, and everyone will love them. And when selecting your conference lunch package, a dietary choice is a requisite.

In an unconventional move, there are no more sandwiches in the classic working lunch. That's right - a conference menu with no bread! Our chefs are so confident with the decision.

Instead, we offer an array of plant-powered dishes, hot street food, hearty hot bowls and more. Karl recommends the new Deli Counter with cold cuts, veggies and pickles.

If you really need a sandwich, we’ve still got you. You can find wraps and rolls on the Eco Box menu.

A appetising display of assorted breads, cheeses, nuts, and fruits elegantly arranged on a marble platter atop a peach table. The image also includes two vibrant red plates, two champagne coupes, a tall glass and gold cutlery.
Cocktail Hours to Celebrate

All new Cocktail menu packages are inclusive of food and drinks. Responding to demand, each one comprises a set menu split by duration, price and offering. Event organisers can choose from packages lasting one, two or three hours.

We’re continuing the success of the Welcome to Melbourne package for 2023. People love the roaming oysters and cheese board. It's a great way to kickstart a multi-day conference.

There are more on-consumption cocktails to elevate your package. Our offering includes well-loved classics and new concepts. The Aussie Cold Brew is a great alternative to an espresso martini made with Victorian vodka. As with food, we aim to showcase Melbourne.

A visually stunning presentation of torched Hiramasa kingfish with coconut, accompanied by vibrant green chilli nahm jim and crispy puffed rice, served on a sleek black plate placed on a red napkin. Adjacent to the dish, there is a sparkling water glass garnished with a refreshing lemon slice, and a small orange dish containing black flaky salt.
Gala Menus that Awe and Delight

Adhering to our food philosophy and vision for 2023, our new Gala menus feature strong providence and native highlights.

We've managed to price our famous 100-Mile Menu below our exquisite 3 Course Menu for the first time ever.

Not only does the 100-Mile Menu showcase the best of Victoria but it's better for the environment. We transport ingredients across a shorter distance, reducing our carbon footprint. This means it's also more cost-efficient to produce and deliver. We've made it a win-win for everyone. It's a perfect choice for celebrating your conference's amazing destination.

Karl adds: “We used to serve desserts to the table as standard. Now, they're mini and roving.” Fun!

“More and more event organisers are now asking for this, so we’ve made it the norm.”

A delightful assortment of bite-sized desserts and sweet treats arranged on a small white plate atop a larger white plate. Adjacent to the main plates, there is a smaller white plate featuring an additional delightful treat. The table is adorned with a vibrant pink tablecloth, adding a touch of colour to the image.

Let's not forget our awesome new Elevate Your Event options. Take your event to the next level with a dessert activation, pop-up bar or late night bites.

To learn more about wine and beverages for 2023, read this article all about our wine selection process and elevated offering.

Considering menu options for your next event? Check out our offering, reach out to the team and discover how we can make your event a success.