Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) Acknowledges the Traditional Owners of Narrm, the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung people of the Kulin Nation. We pay our respects to their Elders past and present, and to Elders of all First Nations communities that visit MCEC.

Empty theatre or yellow and grey chairs facing a giant screen at the front of the room. The screen is displaying a white MCEC logo on a pink and red background.

Dive into Virtual 360 Fun as You Tour Our Venue

By Bree Pagliuso|

Explore our expansive venue with 70,000 square meters of space at your fingertips. Dive into our new 360 Virtual Tours—over 37 immersive experiences to personalise your journey. Roam through Plenary theatre, wander into our pillarless exhibition space, or relax in our courtyard meeting spaces.

Explore from anywhere

Our immersive platform offers different view options to cater to your preferences:

  • Inside view (wandering around): Explore our expansive venue and get a firsthand feel for the spaces you're considering for your event.

  • Dollhouse view: A bird's-eye perspective of the entire venue. This 3D overview lets you appreciate the layout and spatial dynamics.

  • Floor plan exploration: Jump between different levels seamlessly. Whether you're interested in the ground floor, mezzanine, or any specific level, our virtual tours allow you to navigate easily.

For more fun views and prompts refer to the image below.

Screen shot of the more help function on Matterport virtual tours.
Click "Help" in the bottom right corner of the virtual tours, then click "More Help" along to the top to preview these settings in the tour.

There’s also a handy navigation menu to jump to the space or room you want to explore.

Screen shot of the navigation menu in Matteport virtual tours. A small red box is pointing to the menu and reads "Navigation menu".
Getting around

Use your mouse to explore every part of our venue. Want to get up close to a particular feature? Simply zoom in. Need a wider view? Zoom out. It's like having your own personal guide at the click of a button. Move between viewpoints using the semi-transparent white circles on the floor.

To navigate:

  • Left click and drag for on-screen movement

  • Right click and drag the arrow keys for Floor Plan rotation

  • Use your scroll wheel or arrow keys to zoom in and out

  • The semi-transparent white circles on the floor are the available viewpoints between which you move

Screen shot of the navigation help in Matterport virtual tours.
Click "Help" in the bottom right corner of the virtual tours, then click "Navigation" along to the top to preview these settings in the tour.
Now, let's talk about Mattertags

These virtual tags are your go-to source for valuable information. Whether you're a customer planning an event or a curious visitor, the content in the Mattertags will cater to your specific needs.

Look out for our coloured circle prompts while exploring. Click or hover over these double circles to uncover detailed descriptions, images, videos, and external links.

  • Orange indicates technology features

  • Red indicates accessibility features

  • Pink indicates specific room and space features

  • Black indicates general venue features

Screen shot of the coloured mattertags on a Matterport virtual tour. There is a red box pointing to the colour circles with the text "Mattertags".
Personalise your experience

Press 'P' on your keyboard to remove the tags and uncheck Mattertags to enjoy the space without distractions.

Change your rotation speed settings and choose how fast you want to move through the spaces.

Screen shot of the outside courtyard virtual tour at MCEC. There is a quick settings functions box showing on the right hand side.
Press 'P' on your keyboard to display quick settings.
Share the excitement

Found the perfect spot or stumbled upon a breathtaking view? Share it with your co-workers, customers, or friends effortlessly! Our virtual tours come equipped with a handy share button. Click it to send the exact view you're admiring directly to others.

To share:

  • Click the share button at the bottom right

  • Check "Link this location" and copy the sharing link

  • Sharing this link will take others to the same view

MCEC tip: Tick the box for an accurate reference

Screen shot of a sharing function on a Matterport virtual tour.
It's the next best thing!

We believe in making your event journey as seamless as possible. Our virtual tours can save time and effort and provide a unique and immersive experience from anywhere in the world on any device.

Happy exploring!

Planning an event? Start exploring our spaces and visualise your events in a whole new way.

Are you visiting MCEC? Roam our spaces and navigate our iconic venue before you arrive!